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Antwerp diamond disctrict and jewelers

13 April, 2016 13:57

The diamond district in Antwerp is actually no more than three small streets, located near the Central Station of Antwerp. There is no vehicle access and there is night and day strict surveillance by the police and military.

In the buildings of the diamond district are hundreds of small and large firms dealing in both rough, polished and industrial diamonds

Strict security

Most buildings have strict access and are accessible only to diamond dealers and their staff. Everywhere there is camera surveillance, both outside and inside the buildings. Private customers are not allowed in principle, by invitation only. Interesting are the tours of Antwerp's diamond district organized almost daily.

The three most famous buildings are the diamond club and the diamond exchange where mainly polished diamonds are traded. In the diamond circle are also traded many rough diamonds.

Please note, in the streets surrounding the "real" diamond district are very many jewelers. These tourists are sometimes mistaken for diamond.

Diamond Laboratories HRD and IGI

Both HRD and IGI have their head offices in the Antwerp diamond district. Both HRD and IGI are internationally recognized certificates and together with GIA (from USA), considered the most reliable diamond laboratories in the world.

Good to know that certify diamonds can sometimes take weeks. Would you as an individual be certified diamonds then please contact HRD or IGI.

Other special activities - points of interest

There you will find a synagogue in the center of the Hovenierstraat

Diamond afkokerijen (deep boil)

Here are cleaned using special chemicals diamonds disappear so that all contamination and the diamonds reach their full "fire".

Specialized banks

Several banks that are only accessible to registered diamond dealers

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