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Quality diamonds at wholesale prices from the experts in Belgium

20 March, 2020 19:39

With the development of the Internet and online trade, the structures of B2B wholesale in the diamond industry have also changed massively.

It is, however, all the more important to be able to rely on a high degree of expertise from the service provider especially when buying diamonds online. This expertise from Diberget is not only based on profound expertise and industry knowledge but also extensive experience gained from almost 40 years of activity in the diamond trade.

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In 1980, Diberget relocated its headquarters from Munich to Antwerp, the traditional center of the global diamond trade. Being able to hold its own success in a demanding industry for almost four decades now can only be explained with serious and trustworthy cooperation with business partners such as customers and suppliers. As one of the world's leading diamond dealer, Diberget is committed to delivering the best service to customers, jewelers, and goldsmiths, as well as the expertise of a specialized company. Customers benefit from a 30-day return guarantee as well as from the 100% insurance of delivery and payment in euros without any conversion losses.

Diberget has maintained close contacts with partners such as suppliers and gemological institutes, which ensure the qualified certification of the stones. This effective integration into the industry is also a competitive advantage for Diberget's customers: minimal costs and favorable diamond prices together with the high-quality level create an attractive basis for, for example, retailers. Diberget also protects this by not selling diamonds to private individuals and they can not see prices.

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