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Diamond purchase for goldsmiths and jewelers

24 November, 2016 14:51

In the B2B sector, the diamond trade has different criteria than in the retail trade. Goldsmiths and jewelers are particularly dependent on a wide selection and high availability in order to offer their customers a perfect and appropriate service in the selection of jewelry and individual items.
Of course, price structures and the trustworthiness of the dealer are decisive.

Diberget has been a successful supplier of diamonds for almost 40 years. This seniority is an important reference for our customers.

With the specialization in the delivery of white, polished diamonds, we are also able to handle orders of all sizes due to their slim sales structures.

Our diamonds are equipped with the IGI / GIA / HRD certificates - the strict adherence to quality criteria as well as purity and cut-to-size is our own requirement and customer request at the same time.

We do not deal with rough diamonds and also do not sell to private customers. In addition, we do not publish diamond wholesale price information to protect you as a jeweler or goldsmith.
Benefit from our expertise: Diberget is a globally recognized member of the diamond market.

Diberget: a trustworthy diamond dealer

Our credentials

Our services give jewelers and goldsmiths the necessary flexibility and security for their requirements.

This includes a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 100% insured delivery and prices to be paid in euros, which means that the exchange rate risk is simply no longer an unexpected burden.
Our online Diamond database is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Daily updates provide us with an optimal basis for calculating the prices for jewelers and goldsmiths.

Diberget was based in Munich from 1980 to 1999; since then, the company has been based in the world capital of the diamond trade in Antwerp. The international trade of Diberget can be used online by B2B customers, detailed information on diamonds and conditions can be viewed after registration.

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