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Trusted diamonds purchase at Diberget diamond trader Belgium.

15 December, 2016 16:50

Not least in the face of the ongoing financial and economic crisis, many people are increasingly investing in solid and stable values such as gold and precious stones.
Although they do not pay dividends, returns or interest, but scarves and many other forms of investment have long since ceased to be significant, an end of the phase of the negative interest is not foreseen.

To this extent, diamonds enjoy, under certain conditions, a high level of prestige and trust in the security of assets. For millennia, they have lost nothing of their fascination and value.

Retailers such as jewelers and goldsmiths must be able to rely on a trustworthy supplier to meet the demand for diamonds and diamond jewelry. In the best case, private customers are aware that they should consult a specialized specialist for a secure purchase. In contrast to gold, which is very simple in its determination of value, the sole indication of the weight of diamonds is not enough. Purity, color and finish play a no less decisive role.


If the diamond value is to be clearly discernible and available, the purchase of officially certified and sealed diamonds is recommended. Here Diberget is the wholesale trade for loose, polished natural diamonds. Our online trading platform with a daily updated database enables the purchase of diamonds in the B2B area according to a suitable application weight, color, grinding, polish, etc.

Just as the end customer is familiar with the value of the diamond, retailers such as goldsmiths and jewelers can rely on Diberget as trustworthy suppliers. Our company has been successfully involved in international diamond trading for almost 40 years and has been operating at Antwerp's central trading center since 1999, which is only possible through a consistently serious business offering and thus an excellent reference.

The trustworthy purchase of diamonds at Diberget is characterized by lean and thus cost-effective structures which benefit our customers as well as services such as fully insured shipping, a 30-day return guarantee and the free exchange rate in euro.

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